Dear friends!

NAVITEL® is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the software for DVRs with GPS-informer*!

Caring for the comfort and safety of your trips, NAVITEL® is constantly developing and improving its products. Combining the best features of hardware and software, we present devices that meet the needs of users.

The updated firmware version includes the most current** data on all types of monitoring cameras, potentially dangerous places, service departments, etc. Thanks to the work of NAVITEL® specialists who regularly replenish the database of road warnings, our users can be sure that they will always have the latest information.

You can download the new firmware for the DVR on the website in the “Update the dashcam” section.

For users of iOS devices and owners of DVRs with a Wi-Fi module, a firmware update is also available wirelessly via the Navitel DVR Center application. To do this, download the Navitel DVR Center application in the AppStore, launch it, connect the dashcam to the smartphone via Wi-Fi and click “Update”. You can find more information here.

Not only a smartphone but also a computer can help you work with the DVR. The Navitel DVR Player program for Windows PCs will open up additional functions for you: playing videos taken by the DVR on a computer screen, exporting and viewing travel tracks, the ability to save fragments of recordings, and much more.

For the correct operation of DVRs with a GPS-informer, we recommend you to regularly update the software of your device.

*R300 GPS, DR300 GPS, MSR300 GPS, R600 GPS, DR700 GPS, DR750 GPS (Wi-Fi), R700 GPS DUAL, R1000 GPS (Wi-Fi), R1050 (Wi-Fi).

**The SpeedCam database is up to date as of 02.28.2020.